The Dozen Best Honeys in the World: A Golden Guide to Liquid Gold

In the pursuit of liquid gold, Australians are blessed with an abundance of honey varieties, each as unique and precious as their origin landscapes. From the lush and pure Sunshine Coast to the rugged terrains of Tasmania, beekeepers diligently harvest nature's sweetest bounty, offering a taste of pure indulgence. Here's a curated selection of the world's finest honeys, each with its own story to tell and flavors to savour.

Honey is prized for health benefits and this golden elixir unfolds a symphony of flavors unfolds,

First, there's the initial burst of sweetness, like liquid sunshine captured in a jar. It's a pure, unadulterated sweetness that instantly uplifts your spirits.

Then, you discover layers of complexity that tantalize your taste buds. There's a subtle floral note, reminiscent of the blossoms from which it was born. Whether it's the delicate fragrance of lavender, the robust aroma of eucalyptus, the uplifting euphoric lotus, or the earthy undertones of wildflowers, each honey bears the imprint of its floral source.

Honey is a symphony of flavors that evolves with each passing moment. There's a hint of tanginess, a whisper of acidity that adds depth and dimension to its profile. It's a delicate balance of sweet and savory, a harmonious interplay of contrasting notes.

The finish of a fine honey gives a lingering aftertaste that caresses your palate like a gentle breeze. It's a memory that lingers long after the last drop has been savored.

In essence, the taste of honey is like a journey – a journey through fields of flowers, across sun-kissed meadows, and into the heart of the hive. It's a journey that delights the senses, nourishes the soul, and leaves you longing for more. 

Here are ten top honeys from Australia and around the world.

  1. Bamboo Park Cold Pressed Honey
    Price: $23/kg
    Origin: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Embodying the essence of the sacred blue lotus Nymphaea caerulea and the sacred Australian lotus Nelumbo nucifera, this rare honey from the Sunshine Coast's organic farm is a treasure trove of euphoria and health benefits. Delicately floral with an uplifting impact, it's a testament to the two sacred lotus varietals found on the Bamboo Park farm, in a protected landscape adjacent to the Sunshine Coast’s Blue Heart wilderness, where honeybees create exquisite and sublime flavour combinations. Bamboo Park Cold Pressed Honey is sold directly from the farm, giving exceptional value for money.
  2. Hum Honey
    Price: $23/kg
    Origin: Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia
    Produced amidst the subtropical rainforests and open forest hardwoods of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Hum Honey captures the essence of its pristine surroundings. Raw and unfiltered, it's a taste of pure nature.
  3. The Tasmanian Honey Company
    Price: $28.70/kg
    Origin: Tasmania, Australia
    With its unique aroma and taste, leatherwood honey from The Tasmanian Honey Company is a true reflection of the island's pristine wilderness. Harvested from the ancient forests of Tasmania, it's a sensory delight.
  4. Red Hill Honey
    Price: $29.95/kg
    Origin: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
    Crafted from the nectar of blossoms dotting Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Red Hill Honey is a celebration of single-origin goodness with a distinct flavor profile.
  5. Malfroy's Gold
    Price: $78/kg
    Origin: NSW Central Tablelands, Australia
    Wild and untamed, Malfroy's Gold is a reflection of the rugged beauty of the NSW Central Tablelands, with complex flavors and rich textures.
  6. Miel Lo Mejor del Bierz
    Price: $230/kg
    Origin: El Bierzo district, Spain
    Sourced from the flora surrounding the village of Camponaraya in the El Bierzo district of Spain, Miel Lo Mejor del Bierz is a true testament to the region. With its rich flavor profile, it's a prized possession among honey aficionados.
  7. Ikaria Honey
    Price: $358/kg
    Origin: Ikaria, Greece
    Produced exclusively from bees foraging the herb, pine trees, and other flora of Ikaria, a Greek island known for its longevity, Ikaria Honey is a testament to the island's pristine landscapes and rich biodiversity.
  8. Royal Yemen Sidr Honey
    Price: $1,500/kg
    Origin: Hadramaut Mountains, Yemen
    Originating from Yemen's Hadramaut Mountains, Royal Yemen Sidr Honey is a rare and exquisite delicacy. Produced by bees gathering nectar from the sidr tree, it's renowned for its unparalleled quality and price tag.
  9. New Zealand’s Manuka Honey
    Price: $9,739/kg
    Origin: Various regions across New Zealand
    Manufactured by The True Honey Company, New Zealand's Manuka Honey is a true embodiment of purity and potency. With its unique antibacterial properties, it's prized for its health benefits.
  10. Elvish Honey
    Price: $10,000/kg
    Origin: Saricayir Valley, Turkey
    Aptly dubbed "the true nectar of the gods," Elvish Honey is a rare and coveted delicacy from Turkey's Saricayir Valley. Made predominantly from Rhododendron flowers, it boasts a rich mineral content and a price tag to match.

In the world of honey, every jar tells a story – a story of place and pollen, tradition and the tireless work of bees. So, the next time you indulge in a spoonful of golden goodness, take more than a moment to savour the sweetness and appreciate the journey it took to reach your table.

From the pristine wilderness of Australia to the rugged terrains of Turkey and beyond, each honey on this list is a testament to the dedication of beekeepers and the richness of the landscapes they call home. Whether drizzled over toast or enjoyed straight from the spoon, these golden elixirs offer a taste of nature's finest bounty.

Experience the euphoria of Bamboo Park Cold Pressed Honey, sourced from the Sunshine Coast's organic farm.

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