About Our Farm

Free Range Pasture Reared Pork Direct From The Farmer

Our land was home to the Yinneburra tribe, of the Undambi people, within the Kabi Kabi nation.

Undambi means “saltwater people and freshwater people coming together”. 

We aim to bring all people together while treating animals with respect. 

We practice ethical farming methods, producing high quality free-range pork. 

Our location is 10 minutes from Coolum Beach and Yandina, 5 minutes from both the M1 David Low Way exit 215, and State Route 70 Sunshine Motorway exit 11. 

You can visit us at Bamboo Park on the Yandina Coolum road, 20 minutes from Noosa, 1 ½ hours from Brisbane, in Queensland (Australia). Bamboo Park is open 9am-5pm Wednesdays-Sundays (closed Mondays/Tuesdays).

Our pigs have the best lives imaginable, free to root, roam, and wallow in fresh air and gorgeous countryside less than 10km from the beach. 

The mineral-rich soils and natural diet results in exceptionally delicious and tender pork. 

Our pigs have access to varied plants, depending on the season, including the sacred Blue Lotus which is a nutrient-dense herb rich in antioxidants and used for thousands of years. This perennial aquatic herb is renowned for its varied beneficial effects for humans and animals. Extracts of lotus rhizomes, seeds, flowers, and leaves are reported to be therapeutic. 

Lotus leaves are widely used in traditional medicine owing to their substantial alkaloid and flavonoid contents.

Lotus leaves also exhibit antioxidant, antiobesity, antimalarial, antifungal, and potential anti-HIV activities, and can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

The potential biological effects of lotus leaf extract (LLE) have been shown in animals. 

We produce food that is good for us, good for the animals, and good for the land.

You’ll love the taste as much as the goodness ... once you've enjoyed pasture-reared free-range pork, you'll never want to go back to supermarket meat.

Farmer Ed is a third generation pig farmer. Ed takes great care of these pigs.

Pork protein helps the growth of muscles and supports the maintenance of both muscles and bones. 

Protein is needed for normal growth, development and repair of bones

The essential vitamins and minerals in pork support the immune system and mental function while also helping reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamins B6 and B12 found abundantly in pork are essential for blood cell formation and brain function. 

Pork is an excellent source of iron — the heme-iron is  easily absorbed by the human digestive system. 

Pork provides zinc which contributes to normal fertility, reproduction and brain health.

It’s reported that B6 and zinc are two of the most commonly-deficient in Australian diets.

The selenium in pork is essential for proper thyroid function.

Working with local butchers, we craft delicious pork cuts and sausages so you can enjoy the most delicious Australian and traditional English, Spanish and Brazilian recipes. 

With every quarter, half or whole pig ordered, we also provide our own unique and delicious spice mix, perfect for preparing ribs and roasts, and the crackliest finger-licking-good crackling. All Blue Lotus Pork cuts are unique and unforgettable. 

Pasture raised free range Porky Packs are ideal for the home cook to delight family and friends around the dinner table. Enjoy your classic pork cuts, such as boneless roasting joints, loin steaks, low and slow joints, ribs, chops and the ever-popular belly.

* Pack weights can vary as we do not use intensive methods – our litters are of varying sizes and growth is not forced through chemicals or restricted movement. 

Includes delivery to a collection point near you on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. You can also collect direct from the farm, and we can pack in cool-packs for you to take home if you’re travelling further afield.

How it works...

- Choose your date and place your order

- We will send your pig off farm when all shares have been sold (collection dates may change if the pig has not yet been sold)

- Once processed, the whole pig is delivered to the butcher to be boned and divided up between share holders

- You collect your delicious pork and enjoy!​​

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