How To Order A Whole Pig

Cracking for Christmas, Perfect for Parties, Fill Your Freezer and Eat Well All Year

Fill your freezer and eat well all year

Have you ever wanted to buy a whole pig?

There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing you have just put a whole pig in the freezer.  Buying a whole pig is about getting the best quality free range pork for the best price possible and best of all, you cut out the middleman by buying direct from the farmer.

When you buy a whole pig from us we take care of all the logistics for you. All you need to do is tell us whether you’d like a spit pig (whole) or how you would like your pork cut up. Your pork can be bagged and boxed ready for you to fill your freezer.

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Free Range Pork Sunshine Coast

Cracking for Christmas, Perfect for Parties, Fabulous for Families

Whole pigs are priced at $16.50 per kilo hanging weight*. This is a flat rate per kilo to process, transport and butcher a whole pig into fresh and cured pork cuts.

Eat Well, Live Long

At the time of ordering a whole pig, we take a $200 deposit to secure your pig. Once the pig has been processed we will send an invoice to your nominated email address with the balance owing. The balance must be paid prior to collecting your pork.

A whole pig will usually weigh 50 to 60kg hanging weight (occasionally more), with a final cost to you of around $650. Hanging weights will always vary, as we are producing pigs under natural growing conditions.

You will receive approximately 40 kg of dressed pork from a whole pig. That means the free range pork going into your freezer will average out to be as little as $16.50 per kilo.

*We charge by the hanging weight, which is the whole carcass after butchering. This is the simplest way to calculate the final cost for you the customer. You can take as much of that whole pig as you want – you’re buying the whole pig, nose to tail!

Wild Lotus Free Range Pasture Reared Pork Sunshine Coast Qld

Spit Pigs

Pasture-raised free-range Wild Lotus Pork Whole Pig - prepared ready for a spit roast or butchered for you

Want to try a pig on the spit for your next event? We now sell spit pigs. Make sure to reserve your spit pig early – we need a minimum of three weeks' notice prior to your event date and all pigs are subject to availability.

The Half Share pasture-raised free-range Wild Lotus Pork Pack

A whole pig too much? Go halves on a whole pig. 

The Quarter Share pasture-raised free-range Wild Lotus Pork Pack

Half a pig still too much? Get a quarter share on a whole pig. 

​Benefits of buying shares in a whole pig:

The whole pig is sold before leaving the farm, which means no waste or uncertainty

You get to connect with (and support) a local Aussie farmer and butcher

How to order your pasture-raised free-range Wild Lotus Pork

Select the month you would like your pig

Choose your cuts (or opt to speak with the butcher)

Pay the $200 deposit to reserve your pig

We’ll be in touch to confirm your reservation, discuss your collection date and to answer any questions you may have

We’ll contact you again later down the track to give you updates on your collection date

As soon as your pig has been processed we’ll let you know the final hanging weight and the balance owing

The butcher will usually butcher your pig within four days. Note: we  not currently providing cured hams, salamis or bacon

Final payment to us for the balance of your whole pig is required prior to pick-up from the butcher. Your pork will be bulk packed in butcher bags, so make sure to have some freezer bags on hand to portion up your cuts as required.

Curing/Ham/Bacon We do not currently cure your cuts. Commercial smokers are large and expensive. Smoking meat also requires an additional food safety program, as it involves heating/cooking of meat. 

You can always cure and smoke your own bacon and ham – it’s easier than you think! Just select one of the larger cuts (ie: whole belly bone out for streaky bacon) then visit your local butcher supply shop for everything you need. If you don’t have a butcher supply shop close by, try Bunnings or Barbeques Galore. If you have a BBQ with a lid, you can smoke meat.

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